How to Use Podcasting to Enhance Brand Visibility for UK Craft Breweries?

In the ever-evolving world of craft beer, it’s becoming increasingly essential for breweries to leverage innovative ways to connect with their audience. As a brewery, you’re not just selling beer; you’re selling an experience. One effective way to share that experience and enhance your brand visibility is through podcasting. Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the past few years, providing a unique platform for breweries to share their story and engage with their customers.

But how exactly can you use this medium to your advantage? Let’s dive into some practical strategies and examples of breweries that have successfully used podcasting to enhance their brand visibility and marketing efforts.

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The Power of Podcasting

Podcasting isn’t just another marketing buzzword; it’s a powerful tool that enables you to reach your customers in a more personal and intimate way. In a podcast episode, you have the opportunity to speak directly to your audience, share your passion for brewing, and establish a deeper connection with your listeners.

With over 7.1 million people in the UK now listening to podcasts each week, there’s a huge potential audience out there waiting to hear from you. And the great news is that beer lovers are already tuning in. In fact, there are now over 1,500 beer-related podcasts available worldwide.

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Let’s take the example of popular craft beer brand BrewDog. They started their own podcast, ‘BrewDog News,’ as a way to keep customers in the loop about brewery news, new beer releases, and behind-the-scenes action. This has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for BrewDog, helping to strengthen their brand and create a loyal following.

Creating Engaging Content

The key to a successful podcast is creating engaging and valuable content. This is your chance to show the human side of your brewery and make people feel like they’re part of your story.

One approach is to share the brewing process in a way that’s understandable and interesting for the average beer drinker. You could talk about the selection of ingredients, the brewing techniques you use, and the unique features of each beer. Remember that people love stories, so don’t be afraid to get personal and share the passion and dedication that goes into every brew.

Another idea is to feature interviews with key figures in the industry. Not only does this give you the chance to highlight your own expertise, but it also allows you to bring in different perspectives and create a richer conversation around craft beer.

Building a Strong Brand Identity

A podcast can be a powerful tool for building your brand identity. Through the tone, content, and personality of your episodes, you can communicate what your brand stands for and what makes you unique.

One brand that does this well is Brown’s Brewing Company. Their podcast, ‘The Brown’s Revolution,’ gives listeners a glimpse into the rebellious spirit and innovative approach that defines their brand. By sharing stories from their 25-year history, they’ve been able to forge a deeper connection with their customers and foster a sense of brand loyalty.

Leveraging Partnerships and Collaborations

Creating a podcast doesn’t have to be a solo venture. In fact, teaming up with other breweries or industry experts can add value to your content and broaden your reach. Think about featuring guest brewers, hosting joint episodes, or collaborating on special beers to promote on your podcast.

For example, the ‘Craft Beer and Brewing Podcast’ frequently hosts brewers from different breweries around the world. This not only adds variety to their content, but it also helps them tap into the audiences of these guest brewers.

Utilizing Your Podcast for Marketing

Finally, don’t forget to leverage your podcast as part of your overall marketing strategy. Promote new episodes across your social media channels, on your website, and even in your brewery. You could also consider offering exclusive deals or discounts for podcast listeners to further incentivize people to tune in.

Keep in mind that consistency is key. Try to release new episodes on a regular schedule to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Over time, your podcast can become a valuable asset that sets you apart from other breweries and keeps your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Utilising Podcast Advertising to Boost Brand Awareness

Podcasts offer a unique advertising platform for craft breweries. They enable you to reach a loyal, engaged audience in a way that feels personal and authentic. Incorporating podcast advertising into your marketing strategy is a clever move to increase your brand visibility.

As a craft brewery, you understand the importance of creating a memorable experience. With podcast advertising, you can extend that experience to potential customers who might not yet have had a chance to taste your beers. You can tell your story, share your brewing philosophies, and even let listeners in on the inspirations behind your award-winning brews.

For instance, British beer brand Greene King successfully utilised podcast advertising to promote their beer festivals. They co-hosted a series of episodes with footballer Peter Crouch, offering anecdotes, beer-tasting experiences, and festival insights, all of which resulted in a significant boost in their brand awareness and festival attendance.

Furthermore, podcasts can provide an excellent platform for your digital marketing efforts. You could incorporate Google Maps for easy navigation to your events or tours or even provide a request-free shelf space for listeners to directly order your beer.

In short, podcast advertising can give you a unique opportunity to speak directly to your potential customers, share your passion for great beer, and leave a lasting impression.

Crafting a Strong Digital Presence with Podcasts

In the era of digital content, craft brewers must utilise every available platform to reach their audience. Podcasts can play a key role in strengthening your digital presence and reinforcing your online branding efforts.

Just as you would make sure to have a strong presence on social media channels, your podcast should be an extension of your online brand. Consistent messaging, tone, and style across all platforms help cultivate familiarity and loyalty among your listeners.

For example, Las Vegas-based brewery Tenaya Creek Brewery not only uses their podcast to share brewing stories and beer releases but also to keep customers informed about their community outreach and sustainability efforts. Their podcast has become an integral part of their digital footprint, contributing significantly to their brand visibility.

Moreover, your podcast can be a tool for direct consumer engagement. Encourage reviews and ratings on podcast platforms to boost your visibility. Offer exclusive content or deals for podcast subscribers. Engage with your listeners through Q&A sessions or feature fan-favourite beers.

The bottom line is, podcasting can be a valuable tool in your marketing strategy toolkit, increasing your brand visibility and forging stronger connections with your customers.


In today’s digital age, it’s important for craft breweries to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. Podcasting offers a unique, personal and innovative way to connect with customers and boost brand visibility.

From sharing behind-the-scenes brewing stories to hosting industry expert interviews, and from utilising podcast advertising to crafting a robust digital presence, the potential of podcasting is vast and largely untapped in the beer industry.

Remember, in the crowded craft beer market, it’s not just about the quality of your beer, but also about the experience you provide to your customers. A well-crafted podcast can help you deliver that experience, establish a loyal following, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, sell more great beer. As UK craft breweries continue to explore this medium, the future of beer podcasting looks promising, indeed.